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Corked Photo Shoot

Corked Trashion Shoot to Immortalize My Trashion Show Winners 2023

This creative photoshoot was dreamt up after I designed and made these first place outfits for our towns Trashion Show.

The bride and groom outfits took several months each to create and are made from %99 garbage or recyclable materials.
Some of the maker highlights include 800 halved wine corks to construct the dress and the grooms pants sewn from a years worth of used coffee filters, cleaned, pressed and serged! The theme of the shoot is "Recycled" which can be seen from the outfits to the amazing artwork on the walls by the in-house artist. Find links to all collaborators below.

Hover over the picture for title, click on the picture for details on how components of the outfits were created and designed.
Please enjoy

Project Gallery

Spoiled by the potency of the wine, she has been possessed by woodland creatures and is trying to convince a young prince to marry her.

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