String Globes

For RockIt Events Launch Party I made these beautiful string globes. I also have them leftover for wedding decorations to sell and i cant wait to see what they look like when i receive the twinkle lights to go in them! They are fairly easy once you get the hang of them and pretty inexpensive. I had 3 foot balloons leftover from my own wedding and decided to use them to make a couple really big globes first, but the tutorial is only small balloons. The principal is the same, it just gets a little trickier navigating the string around such a large balloon.

You will need:

Balloons (whatever size you want your globes to end up)

String (hemp, twine, cotton) i used cotton

Pam (some use Vaseline, but i find it too expensive, this works better and easier to apply!)

Glue mixture (Paper mache mix)

1/2 cup white glue

1/4 cornstarch

1/2 water

Mix glue ingredients together, don't be worried that the cornstarch is too hard, slowly swish your bowl around and it will liquefy.

After you combine your glue mixture, let sit while you blow up balloons. Spray your balloons with the Pam and start measuring out your string. I went a little loosey goosey with my string and did not measure each globe, you can be a little more precise if you like but as long as you are close the globes will all look one of a kind. I measured by pulling out the string one arms length, ten times. I would estimate it at approx 240 inches.

This part will get some getting used to. Lay your string to one side of the bowl and about 12 inches at a time dip it into the glue mixture, if you put too much string in you will start to get all knotted up and then it can get time consuming, it was definitely a learning curve. Make sure your sting is well coated, you may want to wear gloves! Strain the glue off as you pull the string through your fingers from one side of the bowl to the other adding the next 12 inches, dip and sit in glue for 2 min then resume process.

When you are done you will have a pile of glue soaked string. You have some time, so if you have trouble with the wrapping you may undo and re-do as many times as needed. Wrap your string around the knotted end or your balloon and place your fingers there for a good hold on the balloon, proceed to wrapping your string. You can end up with a similar pattern so try different things until you like your coverage and pattern. If you want your globes to be a tighter weave you will need to increase you string length.

Once you have all your string wrapped, you can tuck your string end in wherever you like, i found i always seemed to finish right where i started. The globe will harden completely, so no worrying about loose ends. If possible have some extra string cut to use as hangers, tie onto knotted end of balloon and suspend for 24 hours.

Now comes the fun part, once they are dry, about 24 hours. POP your balloons! Carefully remove your hanger string and balloon and TA DA! Beautiful hanging decorations.